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The programme’s other main catalogue is online training. The training activities included in this catalogue are linked to the lines of work defined by the Specialist Committee. Over the years this initiative has become one of the strategic pillars of the PEU.

Applications to run the activities can be made to the PEU once they have been presented at the Information Fair and, following an evaluation by the programme coordination team, the activities allocated are published.

Town and village councils contribute to the financing of activities according to the number of inhabitants. Participants are also required to pay a registration fee for the activities.

All training and informative activities included in the GP and in Formació@xarxa are publicised mainly through the Virtual Catalogue and the Information Fair.

Formacio xarxa

In order to facilitate access to the PEU catalogue, this virtual environment has been set up to give programme users updated information on all the PEU’s activities and the companies that provide them. Likewise the activity offer and application process has been computerised.

Information Fair
The Information Fair is held in the first quarter of each year, a space for meeting and exchange among social agents in the regions of Castelló and all the regular contributors to the University Extension Programme. This annual meeting, as well as generating information flows between companies/professionals and local agents, is a time to reconnect in a relaxed atmosphere with colleagues working in the other regions of the province.

Technical training
The list of PEU training activities is completed with a line of exclusive training for cultural agents associated with the programme. Unlike the two programmes described above, there is no predetermined catalogue; rather the Specialist Committee designs the training programme according to requests from the specialists and the needs they identify.

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