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PEU offers a new service to achieve a reduced price:

- A documentation of existing work

- A dissemination of work done

- A file of activities.

This service translates into:

- Coverage of events in social networks: Complete coverage on twitter / facebook events, working as a reporter of the event. With Storify tweets generated a document (a PDF document that lists the tweets develop a sort of memory of the event written) that functions as a summary of what was said during the activity is developed. This service is free to any of the other services.

- Cover photo / audio / video: recording video / audio and photographic record of the proposed activity. For this there are two cameras HQ video, microphones, tape recorders, etc.. Both recording and editing are qualified according to the hours spent. (for example, a high quality four-hour recording represent ten hours of editing). The price when recording and editing is 20 € / hour.

- Coverage by streaming means the activity requested in quality depending on the available network bandwidth is relayed live via internet. You can do anything from a basic 3G transmission quality with a domestic ADSL. The price for this service is 20 € / hour if solo or negotiate contracts when combined with others.

- Photogrammetric Documentation of Heritage: A check will depend on the size, difficulty, complexity, computing hours, etc.. In this case, just as with the virtual reconstruction, depends on the complexity and ask for an estimate is better studying.

- Written Transcript Audio recording: As time employee, on request.

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