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The ‘Tesauro incorrecto de la cultura. Reseteando palabras en crisis’ (Wrong culture thesaurus. Resetting words in crisis) is a project developed by the Garbell Seminar and the UJI PEU, coordinated by Iguázel Elhombre. It brings together the voices of different people with link to cultural management who wish to participate in this collective construction.


It was spawned from the idea of building critical discourses that help us improve action in culture through an exercise to assess some of the words that have a dominant role in cultural management. The Tesauro Incorrecto de la Cultura sets out to create a critical dictionary of the use and abuse of terms and a reflection on the language used in cultural discourse.

‘Intercultural Missions: Community participation project in areas such as education, culture and local development’

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This project, whose participants are the UJI Sociocultural Activities Service and the town councils of Sant Mateu and Vilanova d’Alcolea, came out of the Garbell Seminar.

The Missions take their inspiration from the philosophy of the Spanish Pedagogical Missions and the spirit of the Artistic Brigades in Cuba. Their aim is to bring local groups and intercultural volunteers together to rethink the process and strategies for creating the conditions necessary for a more socioculturally inclusive society in a local dimension.

Vídeo Missions

missions interculturals


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Kult-ur. A digital journal and blog designed to stimulate reflection on community development, non-formal education, citizen stimulation/participation and transformation of urban space, territorial integration, localisation, globalisation and cultures, among other topics. Kult-ur came out of the community development activities the Garbell Seminar has been running since 2009.



Specialist Committee

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The Specialist Committee was formed in 2001 in response to the call from social agents working in the rural environment for a space to meet and exchange experiences that would provide link between the UJI and the territory.

Since then we have incorporated a number of enriching experiences that have gradually shaped a network to generate knowledge and stimulate the creative and critical potential of the cultural agents involved in this process. At the same time this network not only provides them with professional support, but also fosters the self-esteem and the emotional ties that are generated in the group.

Mesa tecnica

The network’s participatory structure has various formats for convening meetings that can be adapted to the specialists’ circumstances and needs as they arise.

Active Territory

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These strategic areas are in a position to lead supra-municipal projects and they decide what the focus of the project should be.

–The cultural landscape (Ports-Maestrat)
–Knowledge management (Alto Palancia)
–Sustainable municipalities (Pla de l’Arc)

Territori actiu

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