The Observatory for Rural Sociocultural Development of Castelló

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The Observatory for Rural Sociocultural Development of Castelló grew out of work begun in 1999 by the Universitat Jaume I in the rural areas of the province of Castelló. The Observatory was established as a permanent strategic instrument for the study of the sociocultural reality in the province, integrated in the structure of University Extension Programme.

Its participants include personnel from the UJI and specialists and professionals in the management of culture, social action, education and local development involved in an open and cooperative research style with a pluridimensional approach.


It draws on the structure and experience of the PEU to encourage cultural development as a factor of social progress and personal growth, using a wide range of activities identified from collaborative work with rural stakeholders.

Its key objective is to foster a comprehensive and shared understanding of rural life. It is aimed at specialist and professional workers, organisations and institutions that mediate in sociocultural development.


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