PEU – University Extension Programme, Universitat Jaume I, Castelló

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The University Extension Programme (PEU) takes up the challenge of ensuring the university’s presence in the surrounding territory and of using culture as a vehicle of communication to approach the current social reality.

As well as its conventional targets (teaching and research), the Universitat Jaume I pays particular attention to the study and development of culture, and to participating in the advances and development of society.

One of the university’s core missions, through the PEU, is to encourage the creation and dissemination of critical thinking and the growth of culture in the university community and society as a whole, and to provide comprehensive education and training in the process of lifelong learning. Its objectives include development cooperation, social and cultural transformation, creation and dissemination of critical, participative cultural habits and practices in a spirit of solidarity, as well as open and plural continuing education.

In parallel, we have developed a teaching model that enhances informal, cooperative, experiential learning, where critical reflection on reality and shared learning are core factors in this process of growth.
The PEU is committed to a model that follows the distributed network approach. In this model, all the actors involved in the process form part of a horizontal structure in which the central focus of the project may be located in any of the network’s nodes.

The programme is based on the joint leadership of the various agents in the territory: town councils, associations, groups and, in particular, development specialists and professionals whose commitment and dedication lies with and for the territory.

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